Our group fitness trainers are skilled instructors and motivators who will guide you through some of the most fun, challenging, and rewarding workouts you will ever experience. They are able to teach to any fitness level and work to make every participant comfortable in a group fitness class.



I have worked in the fitness industry for over ten years and it is fair to say it is my passion and life.


My journey and passion for fitness began by losing over 4 stone, after which it soon became apparent that I wanted to help others to achieve their goals and targets and to feel happier, fitter and more confident. I started teaching classes and decided I wanted to help others on a one to one basis and proceeded to complete my level 3 PT qualification.


Ten years later I’m still as passionate if not more on my quest to help others and transfer my knowledge and experience. I was the manager and fitness instructor of the former Baileys Gym (now Physique) and four years ago I followed my dream and bought the business alongside my business partner James.


We have taken the gym from strength to strength by acquiring the latest fitness equipment, on-trend fitness regimes and undertaking a full rebrand. We believe we are now the best facility in Todmorden and love every minute of being a part of our local community. Our community and clients are what make us Team Physique.


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As co-owner of Physique gym, I am passionate about providing an environment that promotes a love of fitness and strongly believe we have the facility, equipment and trainers to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!


I strive to improve the overall well-being of all members of our gym society.


I am proud to deliver knowledge based fitness classes that promote a healthy lifestyle and explore the technique needed to perform exercises safely and effectively.


I have an extensive background in fitness and experience with the coaching of competitive sports and am confident working either one to one or within a group environment.


My love of fitness and sport has led me to want help others to become the best of version of themselves.


I specialise in the delivery of classes that promote the development of lean muscle and fat loss through HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I strive to help people become confident within our fitness environment.


The classes that i teach aim to improve strength and resilience, challenging the body and pushing people to achieve their full potential.


Myself and Emma took over Physique with intention of creating an environment that inspires people to improve their lifestyle.  Join us to take your fitness journey to the next level.



The classes I teach are HIIT Step, HIIT Circuits and Metafit, with my experience mainly being in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), cardio and fat burning.


Although only recently qualified, I have been involved in the gym and had a keen interest in fitness for over 20 years, attending hundreds of classes and using the gym for fitness and weight loss after 3 children.


I’m committed to helping people get fit, lose weight, increase strength and stamina, and good general wellbeing.


I’m a friendly well-known face around the gym and community and enjoy bringing an element of fun and motivation to the the fitness classes I teach.



I have an ambition to share my enthusiasm and passion for fitness with others and help individuals to achieve their personal fitness goals. (Some may say that fitness is an obsession within my life – I may agree!!)


The high energy and drive that I bring to all of my classes aims to push each and every member to achieve their very best! Exercise naturally has a feel-good factor, but there’s no better feeling than when you’ve reached your limits but push through to break new barriers – whether that is lifting a new personal best or simply burning more calories than last week! Whatever you’ve achieved – as your fitness instructor we celebrate that goal!


Personally, my favourite class to teach is Spinning! (Closely followed by my Combat routines) Spin classes create an atmosphere that you don’t get from any other class. Nothing motivates me more than seeing my full class powering through a sprint!


As a friendly, approachable face in the gym I do hope to see you join my classes for the encouragement and push that you need to reach the next fitness goal on your list!



I have no time! It’s the most common answer I get when asking clients what is holding them back from reaching their own fitness goals. When it comes to the fitness industry there is an information overload.


My bootcamp class is structured around a safe, effective and a solid foundation to increase your working capacity week by week taking the guesswork out for our members by applying the principles of training. The overload principle is where we take the body beyond normal stress levels into Recovery when we adapt to the overload placed on the body. Then we look at the short, medium and long term progression of the members. By bringing in different training techniques each week we learn and become stronger athletes together.


I realised in my teens as senior Lifeguard on the beaches of South Africa my physical preparedness could be the defining factor in a life or death situation resulting in countless of miles being run then swam then run again.


It was when I joined the gym and started College to become an exercise specialist that I learned how to break down muscle using the principles of training and it was my course in nutrition that taught me how to eat to recover, build muscle and reduce my body fat.


I apply my ten years of experience in every session. If you are looking to become the best version of yourself or simply make daily tasks a little easier, you will find a welcome place at Physique Bootcamp classes.



I am a fitness enthusiast and have always lived an extremely active and healthy lifestyle as I believe it is important for your body, mind and well being.


I am originally from South Africa and have been living in the UK for over two years now and am loving every moment – even the bad weather days! They just make the sunny days shine brighter.


I have been a Pilates and Yoga instructor since 2016. I started out in South Africa working and teaching at some of the smaller private gyms. I have also worked at Virgin Active teaching Pilates whilst acquiring some of my own private clients whom I would provide one on one training to.


I lived in London for a couple of months before moving to Todmorden to work as an outdoor adventure instructor at Robinwood and in my spare time I teach Pilates and Yoga at Physique as well as private dance classes.


I love to move my body and feel agile and free. I believe it is important and can improve all aspects of your life to give the necessary time and attention to your body mind and soul.



With over 15 years’ experience as a qualified personal trainer & fitness instructor, and Masters Degrees in Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition, I work with elite level athletes and offer a high level of expertise for my personal training clients; resulting in amazing transformations.


I specialise in sports specific performance, weight loss & body re-composition, Olympic lifting and functional training. I have a strong passion for helping people to, not only achieve their goals, but improve their all-round athletic performance and capabilities; through effective programming, correct nutrition & education.


I also offer biomechanical assessments with specific corrective exercise prescription to alleviate issues caused by muscular imbalances, improve movement / exercise capabilities and enhance physical performance.


Here at physique, I teach Spinning, Legs Bums & Tums and Boogie Bounce. In my classes you can expect a focus on correct exercise technique and performance, with progressive overload, to help you get the best results possible.

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