Physique Gym Walsden is filled with top of the range fitness equipment and with over 20 classes per week, to help you get to the peak of your physical fitness. Whatever your fitness goals are, this is where you’ll achieve them!

Cardio Equipment

Explore our range of cardio equipment that is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness and overall health and well being.


Our current selection includes:


• Treadmills


• Rowing Machines


• Cross Trainers


• Summit Trainers


• Jacobs Ladder


• Bikes

Spinning Room

Ride to the beat of our curated DJ playlist, spin through different levels of intensity, you choose your own zone.


We currently offer 5 classes per week with 3 different instructors in our unique custom made Spin room.

Resistance Equipment

At Physique Gym you will find a wide variety of fixed resistance equipment ranging from The Viking Press to a Glute Kickback Machine and everything in-between.


You can train your entire body with our multi-gym stations, lat pull downs, leg press and ab stations and much much more.


If your goal is to build lean muscle then using the resistance machines is a great place to begin training before you have developed the skills required for training with free weights.

Free Weights Area

Our large range of free weight equipment will help you build muscle mass in a safe and efficient way.


With dumbbells ranging from 1kg – 55kg we have weights to cater for all.


Our Olympic platform, plate loaded equipment, squat rack and weight benches enable you to build the best version of yourself.

Plate Loaded Equipment

Physique has a good range of dynamic plate loaded equipment such as : Leg Press, Smith Machine, Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Isolated Bicep Machine and many more.


This range of equipment is aimed at building strength and power in all areas of the body. With over 50 different resistance machines to choose from there is enough to tailor your workout and surpass your goals.

Functional Space

Discover new ways to work out in our functional work out areas. You will have the space to perform plyometric activities and develop functional strength using SkiErg, Kettlebells, slam balls, battle ropes, TRX ropes, tyres and the bespoke boxing area and equipment.

Trampoline Exercise

Trampolines offer lower-impact training with excellent benefits for cardiovascular fitness, balance and co ordination. Most of all, they’re fun.


Don’t wish for a good body. Bounce for it!

Sun Room

For an all year tan, top up tan or just a feel good boost, our vertical sunbed fitted with the latest technology 0.3 compliant tanning sunbed tubes is ideal.


3 mins £2.50


6 mins £4.00


8 mins £6.00


30 mins only £10.00


60 mins only £20.00


90 mins only £25.00


Welcome Reception

This is where you’ll find any of our friendly team of staff, plus your pre and post-workout protein drinks, tea, coffee and granola bars, along with a full range of supplements. We also have a full range of our branded clothes available.

If you’d like to come along and see the gym, we’ll show you around, you can meet the team and talk to some of our members, then you can choose the membership that suits you. Call us on 01706 839225 or just pop in.

Start your journey today