Class Etiquette

Be Mindful of Personal Space

We kindly ask all members to respect others personal space. Be a good class buddy and set up your equipment in a neat, efficient space and don’t take more space than you need in a packed class.


Don’t Be A Chatterbox

We encourage members to build friendships but ask to keep the gossip until after class. By talking over your instructor, you may miss vital information about your workout.


Clean Up After Yourself

Cleanliness is key for both our health and safety. Please always wipe down your equipment for the next member to use and put back its correct place.


Wear Appropriate Clothing

Make sure your clothing is comfortable and appropriate for your workout.


Bring A Great Attitude

Classes bring a fantastic atmosphere and with an added endorphin boost it will really lift your mood. Bring a great attitude for the class, the instructor, and the workout.


Don’t Be Afraid To Stand At The Front

The front can be daunting for a beginner, but it’s usually the best place to learn. By being closer to the instructor you will be benefiting more.



Of course, not forgetting plenty of water to keep hydrated!

Class Cancellation Policy

Our classes are very popular and therefore do get busy and are often fully booked. It is important to cancel your class place if you are unable to attend so we are able to offer another member a place.


  • We kindly ask all members to cancel a class at least 2 hours in advance of the class start time to avoid receiving a no-show.
  • One day of no-shows in any 30-day rolling period will result in a strike being issued for that day and a text message to let you know.
  • Physique Gym operates a three-strike non-attendance rule, which will result in booking rights being removed for a 7-day window.


Please Note – If you are placed on a class ban yet run a Class Only membership, your membership will be opened up to access the gym for that week.

Gym Etiquette

Gyms can be intimidating places, especially if you aren’t familiar with the surroundings and the do’s and don’ts. If you want a helping hand on learning Physique’s Gym Etiquette then please keep reading.


Clean Up After Yourself

It may seem an obvious point but many members forget. We provide anti-bacterial spray that we encourage you to use to wipe down your equipment after use.


Unload Your Weight Bar

Your workout isn’t done until you re-rack your weights. This is a key part of good gym etiquette. Removing weight plates from a bar takes a fair amount of strength as well as good technique and the person following you may not have the strength to unload your heavy weights. Always put your weights back where you found them.



We love seeing your selfies and keep tagging us on Instagram – @physique_gym_todmorden . Please be cautious of other members around you who may not want to be in the background of your selfies and videos.


Sharing Is Caring

Good gym etiquette is to always share equipment and not spend too long on one piece of equipment. Be flexible with your workout and adapt where necessary when waiting for something else.


Be Considerate Of Other People

For many people, coming to the gym is their escape and solace. Although it’s a great social setting please respect those who may have their headphones in and want to be left alone. Equally when you do see a friend and enjoy a gossip, please remember to be respectful and watch your language and volume.


Most importantly, we want you to enjoy your session! Smash those goals and look forward to coming back.


Look in the mirror – that’s your only competition.

Start your journey today